What comes first: movement (dance) or the music?



Last night, at this seminar, keyboard-player Mariano Castro of the group Narcotango explained.

If I understood it correctly – how the way to dance tango came BEFORE the tango music – and that the musical style Tango Nuevo came as A RESPONSE to young tango dancers looking for a different music to accompany their development of the tango dance.

Now, the big question of the day: what comes first; the movement or the sound? The dance or the music?


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  1. First there is a basic concept of rhythm and / or flow from inside the body. The first sound resembling music must have been the result of a body moving. You are a musician; where do you create music from?
    I tap my fingers. I remember music through moving. When I dance, I feel myself as part of the orchestra, creating the music.
    As for music to dance; I have heard that orchestras that play to ballet performances have a specific way of playing, that not any orchestra can do that. They have a cadence that matches the breathing of a dancer, the timing that fits a jump, the predictability that allows for preparing a movement or series. In my perception movement creates – and changes – music, so a new genre or rhythm will be born out of someone moving, breathing. This especially goes for music created for dance, and thus I find it very credible that tango was first a dance and then a musical style.
    Written by Mette Munk Andresen, http://m2tango.dk/

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