Udvalgte anmeldelser af Tangofied III (juli, 2017)


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“The great success of the three-volume “Tangofied” series is something to be proud of”. The Walker’s, Japan

“The release is a sparkling gem from a splendid Danish music maker and his tight ensemble. Highly recommended”. Jazzspecial, DK

“The CD presents eight satisfying miniatures, each a neatly structured gem”, “The musicianship is world class”, ” There is absolutely no self-indulgence, and the whole album is a pared-down delight”. London Jazz News

Tangofied III is an atmospheric, almost cinematic album, that works well as both a soundtrack for everyday life and for a while in quiet contemplation. Jazznyt.com

It’s like watching a bunch of snowdrops and suddenly noticing the green calligraphy on the inner petals; alongside jazz you find the wistful nostalgia of the tango, with both a subdued thoughtfulness and a more intense glow. It is in this breakpoint that Torben Westergaard’s music exists. Tidningen, Kulturen, Sweden

★★★★ […] the subdued melancholia allows the group to draw out beautiful shades both sinuous and sensuous. Allaboutjazz.com, USA

Even if you’re not a tango fan, who spends time, money and energy on tango courses, ending every night with a round of tango on the living room floor, this is music that you do like. Westergaard writes fine compositions, which more than likely could be written by a native. Salt peanuts, Norway

[…] thus he goes out of the [Tangofied] trilogy in a blaze of glory. Ivan Rod (blog), Denmark

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