This is a photo from the recording of Torben Weatergaard: The Gori Project; a transcultural music collaboration between Denmark and South Korea

. . . has hit Danmark, and as the leaves slowly start to descend freely by the force of gravity. New musical projects appear; old ones wither away for a while.

Eunhee Choi, our great translator drummer Halym Kim and myself

The Gori Project

is one of the new ones in my musical life. When two great South Korean musicians visited Denmark in September, I took the chance and recorded some music that we will release in early 2020. 

Gori 고리 means ‘ring’ and ‘loop’ and has to do with the beautiful thing about music: it truly transcends the spoken language. A translator did all work in the studio, and when the music played, it was all about communication between human souls.

Thank you Eunhee Choi 최은희, Byunggil Choi 최병길, and Jacob Andersen.

Stay tuned to this project here

. . .

De Onde

is a band playing music for kids at age 4-8 years (and their parents). The concept is music with instrumental solos and lyrics that deal with subjects that you normally try to avoid like anger, jealousy, bragging, and more. Performed by four superheroes dressed in black.
We are in the midst of a long tour at public schools in the fall and are, as you can see above, having a great time hanging out in this environment.

. . .

Everything has a time – a time for meditation, music, silence, calm, and thoughtfulness

It becomes more and more apparent that we all need breaks from the busy lives that we have cornered ourselves into somehow. This urge is manifesting itself in numerous ways. Thankfully!
I am playing a small concert on bass and loop pedals in collaboration with Anne Spangsberg, the priest at my local church in Hvalsø.
Come join if you can. Torsdag den 10. oktober kl. 20 i Hvalsø kirke

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