The Gori Project

First single, ‘Far (Blandt Graner)’, from ‘The Gori Project’ (March 27.) out today!

Gori: Korean – 고리, meaning “ring”

Music is the most precious thing! It surpasses all borders and boundaries, we humans like to put up. It speaks from heart to heart in a troubled world and reminds us of all the things we have in common.

Available internationally on all major music streaming services.

The Story

Coming just after the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and South Korea, The Gori Project brings together 2 renowned traditional South Korean musicians with 3 of Denmark’s most established jazz performers. 

Led by Danish bassist & composer Torben Westergaard, the album fuses together two diverse sets of instruments, styles, harmonies & melodies into a new cultural expression. 

“I’m fascinated by how we can use music in a wider perspective and in a more mindful way. How creativity and creation springs from the present moment and how to best facilitate that.”

Marking his 13th album as a bandleader, Westergard’s electric bass grooves and atmospheric synth lay the foundation alongside two very different percussionists: the driving jazz-pop-sensibilities of Jacob Andersen and that of Byunggil Choi, traditional Korean music specialist. These three voices underpin the shimmering, filmic lines of Nordic trumpeter René Damsbak and the traditional zither-like gayagum playing from Eunhee Choi. 

The result: a deeply intriguing set of music which seems to effortlessly mix and meld the two styles and make it its own.

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