The Gori Project has finally landed

This is the cover of the music release Torben Westergaard: The Gori Project


Music (and art in general) is a place of ecstasy, a place outside the ordinary where we transcend ourselves.
A place to get in touch with a greater reality; the human experience.
We need this place; even more in situations like now.

The Gori Project was happily released the 27th of March and available on all major streaming services here.
Hope you will take a listen – and you are welcome to comment below.

. . .


“an exercise in patient restraint that blossoms most beautifully” – (US)

“music that combines the European and American musical heritage with the Korean in an outstanding way” Salt Peanut (NO)

Feature (official web portal of the South Korean government)

‘고리 프로젝트’, 북유럽 감성 입은 한국의 소리 (Korean) – “Collaborative music album combines Korean, Danish sounds” (English)

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