You're unique, but not the chosen one

Music lessons learned # 5 You’re unique, but not the chosen one Practical advice and spiritual corrective “Let’s face it. Nobody in this room is a genius.” The words hang in the air for a second. “Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in this room!” It was a Saturday afternoon around 1986, and we, a group of young […]

Brud og hengivelse – Improvisationer Musikeren og komponisten Torben Westergaard, meditationslæreren Hanneli Ågotsdatter og forfatteren Peter Høeg der har arbejdet sammen før, og som alle tre er lidenskabeligt optaget af meditativ praksis, har på albummet Brud og hengivelse taget deres samarbejde og bekendtskab til et nyt sted, nemlig ind til et improviseret møde mellem meditation […]

Keep walking!

Music lessons learned #4 Prelude One of the most important things as a music practitioner is getting the experience of playing with one’s elders. They contain deep knowledge about music-making in its totality. Having being putting music into use on countless occasions throughout their lifetime and having digested the lessons from their elders they are […]

It is all about generosity

Music lessons learned #3 It is all about generosity Excuse me, Mr. Purdie, can I ask you a question? I was approaching the world-famous drummer Bernard Purdie in the narrow corridor at the jazz department at New School, New York. It was difficult for me to jump in on a living legend on a first name […]