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Westergaard, T. (2018). Heart Tunes. København: Digidi

Westergaard, T. (2017). Tangofied III. København: Gateway.

Westergaard, T. (2014). Fuck Ness Uhyret. København: Gateway.

Westergaard, T. (2014). Tangofied II. København: Gateway.

Dørge, P. Westergaard, T. & Sorey, T. (2013). Like Salamanders We Survive. København: Gateway.

Westergaard, T. (2012). Tangofied. København: Gateway.

Westergaard, T. (2007). Penelope.København: Calibrated.

Westergaard, T. (2006). Oktober. København: Calibrated.

Malta, S. & the Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra (2003). Flor Do Verao. Music by Torben Westergaard.
København: Exlibris

Westergaard, T. (2003). Coconut International Edition One. København: Exlibris.

Westergaard, T. (2002). Kongeriget. Aarhus: Paseo film.

Westergaard, T. (1996). Brazilian Heart. Aarhus: Intermusic.

Westergaard, T. (1990). What I Miss.København: Olufsen records.

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Grand old man of Danish Jazz guitarist Pierre Dørge teaming up with bassist Torben Westergaard & special invited guest(s)

Musical dialogue. Interaction. Responsiveness. Timing. Love of music.
Never the same. Never the same performance.
Diversity in time and space. Practices, routines, musicality.
Creative processes that cannot be repeated, but which repeat.
Something that has been seen before, something new, something old, something known.
Something we understand and something we need to delve deeper into.
Listen! …Lene Tanggaard, Professor in Creativity, Aalborg University, Denmark

Pierre Dørge: Guitar
Torben Westergaard: Bass
Tyshawn Sorey: Drums
Matias Wolf: Drums
Adi Zukanovic: Sonics

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