The Gori Project II – More Reviews

Intercultural Nordic Jazz and Korean Music

Danish bassist and keyboardist Torben Westergaard shines on this mostly instrumental set […] The consistently inventive and mesmerizing program adds up to one of the best world music projects since the albums of the late, great Oregon.

Americana Highways (USA)

Listening to the music played by the international ensemble led by the Danish bass guitarist and the Korean flutist, words like hypnotic, captivating, and meditative may come to mind. Yet, the emphasis on the rhythmic component and the communication between the individual musicians never disappears.

Hudba, Radio Proglas (Czech Republic)

The dialogue is a slow and thoughtful one, all about togetherness and mutual respect, and the world-spanning sound is a beautiful experience to match. This is a kind of unity the world can always use more of. (USA)

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