The Gori Project II – Even More Reviews!

Intercultural Nordic Jazz and Korean Music

Westergaard, who has extensive experience blending diverse musical genres, opted for an intriguing fusion of Scandinavian jazz with South Korean folk music. His choice could not have been more spot-on— the result is surprising and captivating.

Laboratorium Muzycznych Fuzji (Polen)

Over the ten tracks on the album we get this winning combination of dreamy folkloric atmospheres interspersed with an improvisational jazz spirituality. Of nature and also outside itself, the music that these four excellent players have made together is elevated by their selflessness, an ecosystem of musical harmony perfectly balanced in all its strength and fragility. 9/10 (GB)

Throughout its wonder, The Gori Project II is a startling release Torben has brought forth. The surrealism, the strange consistency, and the puzzling enigma that awaits us.

Echoes And Dust (GB)

Torben Westergaard, the musical chameleon, has put out an album definitely worth listening to.

JazzViews (UK)

“Immerse the attentive listener in a meditative climate close to relaxation […] downright haunting”

JazzMania (BE)

The promotional activities for ‘The Gori Project II’ are made possible
through the financial support of Musikforlæggerne and Koda Kultur.

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