Torben Westergaard, Like salamanders We Survive album cover

Like Salamanders We Survive

What a gorgeous album, played by musicians who have nothing to prove, are not playing to create great art, but just to have a go at it, and use their incredible skills to offer us great music, coherent, captivating, and incredibly enjoyable. An album you will listen to a lot (at least I did, and still do)., Mar 20/2014

Like Salamanders We Survive Album (2013)

Grand Old Man of Danish Jazz Pierre Dørge teaming up with bass-player Torben Westergaard (DK) and multi-instrumentalist Tyshawn Sorey (US) determined to create music on the spot. And when agreeing to do it  ‘on the spot’, so they did! No talk, no agreements or arrangements;  just 1-2-3 play! The recording session where set up, so Tyshawn could walk between the drums and the piano. And so he did! Afterwards the music (close to 3 hours) where edited down to the tracks you will find on the cd.

Musical dialogue. Interaction. Responsiveness.Timing. Love of music.
Never the same. Never the same performance.
Diversity in time and space. Practices, routines, musicality.
Creative processes that cannot be repeated, but which repeat.
Something that has been seen before, something new, something old, something known.
Something we understand and something we need to delve deeper into.

Lene Tanggaard, Professor in Creativity, Aalborg University, Denmark

Selected Reviews

Honorable mentions in “AMN Best of 2014 (So Far)”.

Avant Music News, July 2/2014

…these three [musicians] certainly master the craft, that jazz improvisation is.

Nordishe Musik

Like Salamanders We Survive is a brilliant work that needs to absorbed in multiple listening sessions. I found myself coming back to particular tracks over and over. Constantly I found myself missing something. That’s when you know you found a great record for your collection.

Stephan Moore, JazzWrap, Feb 27/2014

In between the many quiet and almost chaotic passages the 3 musicians over and over encounter many small highlights, that makes quite an impression.

Mos Eisley, Jan 29/2014

…the three musicians have such strong personalities, which makes this project very successful. A very original album!

Niels Overgård,, Jan 7/2014

A strong trio album from DK deserving attention. The album is a collaboration between Pierre Dørge, the guitar veteran who’s been active on the Danish scene since the 60’s, Torben Westergaard – also an active producer as well as an educator, and the new multi instrumentalist, Tyshawn Sorey from US on piano and drums. As the title “Salamander”, both the illustration on the cover and the sound have a strong imapct. Each musician’s playing is exceptional, but the three together as one unit in improvisation is fierce, and one gets drawn into this unique world without knowing. We hope to experience this trio live in Japan.

The Walker’s, 2013 Vol. 35

★★★★ …you may listen to it and call it incomprehensible noise, but you can not deny, that it is a fascinating extension and reinterpretation of the concepts of music, as most of us are used to it., Dec 19/2013


Pierre Dørge: Guitar
Torben Westergaard: Bass
Tyshawn Sorey: Drums

© 2013.
Recorded at RMC studio, July 2013, by John Fomsgaard and filmed by Karolina Zapolska.