Torben Westergaard, Heart Tunes album cover

Heart Tunes

“a masterpiece in which Torben takes on new territory”

The Walker’s, 2018 Vol. 55 (Japan)

Music for anyone who has a heart

The music was initially written for an app to be used by people in the recovery phase after open-heart surgery.
It surprisingly turned out to have a much broader appeal — from the Nordics to Hong Kong and Tokyo with more than eight thousand streams — as well!
E.g., yoga, mindfulness, massage, work, study, relaxation, resting, sleep, cooking, and more.

Selected review

“Does music have a healing power? Torben Westergaard would certainly affirm that question! […] Esoteric haters and Rammstein fans will turn away with horror, but who wants to dangle his soul on a blue hour, that’s right here. And who accurately listens, recognizes: Quite as simple as they seem, these quiet, pleasantly withdrawn little pieces are not. But the complex, jazzy structures of the previous albums have left the multi-faceted master behind. The strength is to be found in serenity.”

Nordische Musik (Germany)

“Torben Westergaard impresses with a passionate universe (headline) […] I would encourage you to hear the album yourself and experience this particularly imaginative and story-telling universe. Torben’s voice and keyboard are powerful and magnificent. My favorites are the numbers Walk and Rest, which instill a healing feeling. This is not a work where the bass is in the center – but it is a masterpiece in which Torben takes on new territory.”

The Walker’s, 2018 Vol. 55 (Japan)

“If it lacks the complex jazzy structures and interplay of his past recordings, it’s simply because Heart Tunes is aiming for something completely different. The recording feels like a series of instrumental musings that naturally grew on their own without any particular agenda in mind”, […] Westergaard apparently can’t resist playing with our expectations one more time. If we’re lucky, it hopefully won’t be the last”. (USA)

“It is music that speaks directly to the heart. Music that makes the heart beat, while the mind and soul take a relax. Very recommendable as calming music to people with a heart.” (Denmark)

[…] “og den ny plade, jeg taler om, hedder Heart Tunes, og den er altså god. Især her til de lidt mørkere efterårsfarver, men måske ville den her [Get Dressed] også gå meget godt til sommeren, egentligt. Jeg tror faktisk, at det er et helårsalbum, det her!”

Nye Skiver, P8 Jazz


Allen Hinds: guitar
Jacob Andersen: percussion
Torben Westergaard: composition, bass, keyboard, voice

Mixed by Boe Larsen, Millfactory Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark
Mastered by Brian Mørk Hansen,  BMH Lydproduktion, Copenhagen
Cover design by Bønnelycke MDD

Available on all major music streaming services.