Torben Westergaard, Tangofied II album cover - second album in the Tangofied trilogy (2014)

Tangofied II

An Argentine drummer once told me, that a person dies in every tango.
In Westergaard interpretations battalions die!

The Tangofied II Album

Torben Westergaard’s career clearly shows that craftsmanship and skill are present in his compositions, his musicality and his abilities as a bandleader. With the new album Tangofied II, he furthermore demonstrates that curiosity is still intact and that he is in possession of the substance that creates art.

Despite the serial ring in the title, this is not a case of taking short cuts on trodden paths in a known territory. Rather, it is a work that takes the listener on a new adventure. One can clearly see that Tangofied ll is not only an expedition into the Argentine but just as much an exploration of Westergaard’s self. There is no doubt that the expeditions to Tierra Del Fuego have encouraged and inspired composer and musician Westergaard, and the new discoveries incorporate into a natural Nordic coolness in a music of an original and personal kind.

Regardless of whether the interaction is with Danish musicians from the top shelf or wildly capable Argentines, one is never in doubt that the music carries Westergaard’s signature. On Tangofied II you will find music that both acknowledge past role models and embed them in a running dialogue with future opportunities.

All in all a new album from Torben Westergaard is never dull and always relevant. Furthermore, Tangofied II also include surprising detours into a song with lyrics by famed Danish poet and film director Søren Kragh-Jacobsen with the singing of mezzo-soprano Andrea Pellegrini and a  potent remix of Earth Matters from the first Tangofied album, that was critical acclaimed both at home as well as internationally.

Selected Reviews

A curious album with a curious sound that reveals the facets to its beauty slowly, patiently, and fully over time. / Oct 28 2014

★★★★ Tangofied II simply has more edge than the first. The second puts more at stake. And precisely that is honorable. Torben Westergaard quite obviously has challenged himself and thus revealed potential for expression, that is all-embracing.

Gaffa / Oct 7th 2014

Low-key TANGO JAZZ. Danish composer Torben Westergaard embarks on a second Danish-Argentine journey called Tangofied II. Here he explores and inspired by the Argentine, and create using a variety of prominent Danish and Argentinean musicians – The Tangofied Ensemble – a tango fragrant and soft-spoken, almost sad (much thanks to Ida Nørholms melancholy cello) Nordic Westergaard-jazz. […] A magical plate that takes us both earth and all year round. / Sep 23rd 2014

★★★★ (..) an interesting tango album, which should lead to Torben Westergaard’s name springs to mind when Danish jazz musicians are highlighted.

Jazz Special (DK) / Aug 19th 2014

Pleasant music, but with a nice edge.

Jyllands-Posten / Aug 4th 2014

This “Tangofied” is not a mere continuation of the first album, nor a mere research project into the nature of Argentine tango. Rather, it is Torben’s search for himself, through ten compositional jewels that invite the listener into a new world. The sounds of Torben’s bass, the bandoneon, the bass clarinet and the acoustic guitar are very comfortable. It would be great to listen to this music on a steam train gently swaying as it courses through the South American countryside.

The Walker’s (Japan) / Jul 30th 2014.

An Argentine drummer once told me, that a person dies in every tango. In Westergaard interpretations battalions die! Sometimes it gets so quiet and slow, that you think it all comes to a halt, but this is part of what makes Westergaard’s music so exciting. You never know what happens. Here we get everything from seductive and dance-able tangos that it is hard to sit still to, through compositions that just as easily could have been made by Astor Piazzola, more pop-influenced compositions, and everything extremely beautifully made.

Salt Peanuts / Jul 23rd 2014

Tangofied II is a highly recommendable album where Denmark and tango naturally blends and meet in a long soulful kiss.

A nuanced jazz narrative that smells of the Argentine tango universe moods and rhythms, but tastes of well produced and well composed Scandinavian jazz. Tangofied II has references to the Argentine avant-garde composer Astor Piazzolla and traditional milongas. There is a text by Søren Kragh-Jacobsen, real crackling from the original tango recordings, songs that are just as reassuring and pleasant as Alfons Åberg-theme song, and those who put you in touch with your own darker sides.

Hillerød bibliotekerne


Ida Nørholm: Cello (track 1-9)
Anders Banke: Bass Clarinet (track 1-9)
Alejandro Sancho: Guitar (track 1, 2, 5, 6, 9)
Andrea Pellegrini: Vocal (track 5)
Ernesto Snajer: Guitar (track 3, 4, 7, 8)
Mariano “Tiki” Cantero: Percussion, Voice (track 3, 4, 7, 8)
Victor Carrión: Quena, Sikus (track 7, 8)
Jacob Andersen: Percussion (track 2, 6)
Adi Zukanovic: Sonics (track 3, 5)
Torben Westergaard: Bass (track 1, 9)

Katrine Ring remix of Earth Matters from the CD Tangofied (TWMUSIK009):
Guillermo Rubino: Violin
Paula Pomeraniec: Cello
Santiago Segret: Bandoneón
Diego Schissi: Piano
Torben Westergaard: Bass

© 2014.
Recorded, mixed and mastered in October, 2013 & March/April, 2014.
Recorded by Fernando Martinez at Estudio MOMA, Buenos Aires, Tim Harris at RMC Studio, Copenhagen and John Fomsgaard at The Village Recording, Copenhagen.
Mixed by Fernando Martinez at Estudio MOMA, Buenos Aires.
Mastered by Nikolaj Vinten at Supersonic, Copenhagen.