Torben Westergaard, The Gori Project album cover

The Gori Project 고리 프로젝트 (2019)

“an exercise in patient restraint that blossoms most beautifully”


The Story

The Nordics meet South Korea in a transcultural musical collaboration …

Coming just after the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Denmark and South Korea, The Gori Project brings together 2 renowned traditional South Korean musicians with 3 of Denmark’s most established jazz performers. 

Led by Danish bassist & composer Torben Westergaard, the album fuses together two diverse sets of instruments, styles, harmonies & melodies into a new cultural expression. 

“I’m fascinated by how we can use music in a wider perspective and in a more mindful way. How creativity and creation springs from the present moment and how to best facilitate that.”

Marking his 13th album as a bandleader, Westergard’s electric bass grooves and atmospheric synth lay the foundation alongside two very different percussionists: the driving jazz-pop-sensibilities of Jacob Andersen and that of Byunggil Choi, traditional Korean music specialist. These three voices underpin the shimmering, filmic lines of Nordic trumpeter René Damsbak and the traditional zither-like gayagum playing from Eunhee Choi. 

The result: a deeply intriguing set of music which seems to effortlessly mix and meld the two styles and make it its own.

Selected reviews

“music that combines the European and American musical heritage with the Korean in an outstanding way” Salt Peanut (NO)

“. . . unites Asian and Scandinavian sound in an imaginative, dreamlike way. It is music that cannot be placed in a particular genre and I have not experienced that type of harmonies, melodies and sound before, but as an Asian it is very interesting and I would definitely recommend others to listen to it” The Walker’s (Japan)

“Superb” Nova Express (France)

“a fascinating and forward-looking merging of two sets of instruments, two styles, harmonies and melodies into a new, creative, artistic expression that appears almost obvious, effortlessly and naturally” (Denmark) 

“Brings the unknown to the known”, “Cinematic”, “Musicians like Westergaard are to be lauded for doing their bit to further international relations through music”London Jazz News (England)

“the music exudes pleasant warmth” – Jazzthetik (Germany)

Video by Yong Sun Gullach/Hypersensitive Productions
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This is a photo from the recording of Torben Weatergaard: The Gori Project; a transcultural music collaboration between Denmark and South Korea

Feature (official web portal of the South Korean government)


All music by Torben Westergaard,
Except Make No Gap by Byunggil Choi, Eunhee Choi, Jacob Andersen, René Damsbak, and Torben Westergaard

Recorded Sept. 16, 2019, by Timo Mehrländer, Millfactory Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark
Additional recordings at Myogen Productions, Hvalsø, Denmark
Mixed by Boe Larsen, Millfactory Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark
Mastered by Brian Mørk Hansen,  BMH Lydproduktion, Copenhagen, Denmark

Coverart and -design by Bønnelycke MDD

Acknowledgments: Halym Kim (interpreter), JazzDanmark

Label and catalog number: TWMUSIK016

Released with support from Koda’s Cultural Fund and Danish Conductors Association.