Summer Song

Summer Song

About summer and songs – and Summer Song

In the Nordic countries, summer is a particular time of year. It is longer, brighter, and warmer.

Last summer, I dreamed up this song, the first single from the upcoming release of the album Jazz Brazil. Even though it might seem magical to dream melodies, you probably do the same differently. Whatever the day is full of is also represented at night in our dreams.

However, when dreaming of a melody, I must push myself out of bed and record the song while it is still there. Sometimes I think: I can easily recall this song when I wake up; it is, in my experience, always gone.

So I got up and recorded the melody on my phone, and now it found a way into the world with the help of Hans Ulrik, Helio Alves, Jonas Johansen, and Rogerio Boccato. 

Please enjoy a bit of a summer vibe with us! (Click here)

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