It was on a Saturday night – or actually, it wasn’t

The Gori Project II

Music as a cross-cultural collaboration

One night some weeks ago, I dreamt about the time-honored Danish folk song ‘Det var en lørdag aften’ (On a Saturday night) being played by Hyelim Kim on the traditional Korean flute, the Taegŭm.

I am sure it was because my head was spinning with the preparation of the recording of the follow-up to The Gori Project (2019). But I have no idea where the connection between Hyelim and the danish folk song originated. Besides, the latter mentioned was the favorite song of my grandmother.

So we just recorded that song and much more these past two days! 

And it, besides René Damsbak and myself, included the participation of the great Marilyn Mazur, whom I also had the fortune to play with on my first release, What I Miss.
On top of that, it was all filmed by Mike Højgaard from

In my opinion, one of the privileges of playing music is the chance to do cross-cultural collaborations.

These photos are of some happy campers just having finished the recording.

This recording is, I hope, the beginning of much more music, friendship, and performances from this new unit to come. 

Stay tuned! We will!

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