Torben Westergaard, Oktober album cover


First things first. This is music unequalled. The melodies keep opening themselves up, almost like Chinese boxes.

Jazzspecial, Denmark, 2006

Selected Reviews

What one immediately hears is a mood almost like chamber music with exquisite arrangements. It is remarkable that people who are not very ‘jazz minded’ quickly become charmed by this album. Interesting, and worth listening to.

Soundslike, Belgium, 2006

In this recording all the songs have elegant melodies, making you want to say they are pure romance transformed into sound.

Catfish, Japan, 2006

Separately the individual voices come beautifully into their own, while at the same time creating a symphonic medley together, which in its own way makes the music float away under its own power.

Politiken, Denmark, 2006

Go ahead and mark this CD as one of the most exiting Danish jazz-releases in 2006.

Information, Denmark, 2006

Groovy grooves and unexpected beats. This reviewer finds it ‘extremely fascinating’., Germany, 2006

“Although the artist is a bassist, there are no flashy bass solos. Still, the sound is very comfortable, giving peace to the heart.”

Ebasscrazy, Japan, 2006


Ida Nørholm: Cello
Anders Banke: Bass Clarinet
Francesco Calí: Accordion
Jacob Andersen: Percussion
Torben Westergaard: Bass
and more…

© 2006
Released 2006.
All music composed by Torben Westergaard.