You're unique, but not the chosen one

Music lessons learned # 5 You’re unique, but not the chosen one Practical advice and spiritual corrective “Let’s face it. Nobody in this room is a genius.” The words hang in the air for a second. “Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in this room!” It was a Saturday afternoon around 1986, and we, a group of young […]

Keep walking!

Music lessons learned #4 Prelude One of the most important things as a music practitioner is getting the experience of playing with one’s elders. They contain deep knowledge about music-making in its totality. Having being putting music into use on countless occasions throughout their lifetime and having digested the lessons from their elders they are […]

It is all about generosity

Music lessons learned #3 It is all about generosity Excuse me, Mr. Purdie, can I ask you a question? I was approaching the world-famous drummer Bernard Purdie in the narrow corridor at the jazz department at New School, New York. It was difficult for me to jump in on a living legend on a first name […]

Whatever you play, be real!

Music lessons learned #2 Class, remember, whatever you play, be real! The words sounded into the room and hit me like a truck. Tuba player Bob Stewart was the making the statement. We were in my ensemble class at the Jazz Program at the New School, New York, which I attended for a Master of […]